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Monday, 07 December, 2015, 17 : 30 PM [IST]

Sachin Nene, Regional Manager - India, Air Arabia

For a person managing an international airline in the highly competitive and price-sensitive Indian market, Sachin Nene, Regional Manager - India, Air Arabia, comes across as a composed and undeterred individual. But when the conversation heads to his day to day activities, Itee Sharma realises that he wants to conquer new professional high every day
Sachin NeneLove for travel
Nene pursued a full time Post Graduation course in Travel and Tourism Management after completing B.Com. “I love travelling that is why I chose to be part of this industry. My father was working with the Indian Railways, so we used to travel frequently across the country. Therefore, travelling has become a way of life for me. But my father doesn’t like the constant travelling that my job demands. However, he realises that it is a part of the package with the huge responsibility that I have,” he shared.

Day Break
“I wake up at 6 am and start my day with a walk at Marine Drive, which is near my house, for about 40-60 minutes. After that, I like to have a simple breakfast - a glass of milk, and homemade items like poha and parathas and a combination of fruits,” he beamed. He starts his commute to his Andheri office at 8.30 am, which approximately takes 45 minutes by road. Once he is in office, he starts looking at the flight loads of all of Air Arabia’s 13 stations in India. “Then I plan my day, if any flight requires immediate support, I call up the station manager, discuss the action plan in order to make improvements.”

Generally Nene gorges on lunch cooked by his mother. It consists of chapati and vegetable. “My job involves a lot of travel; I am out of Mumbai for 2-3 days in a week, travelling either domestic or overseas. When I am out of town, I am specific about the kind of food I intake. I relish salads and chicken, and I love eating fruits. At home we are vegetarians, but I relish grilled chicken and mutton,” he said. Post lunch, he may be busy with pre-planned activities. If not, he plans a couple of sales call to meet trade partners. “Once I am done with those, I reach office and attend to the pending issues and plan for the next day. I don’t leave before 7-7.30 pm,” Nene stated.

Me time
After office, Nene heads home and spends some time with his parents and has dinner with them. Apart from that, he finds some time to de-stress himself at dawn. “My morning walk flushes out the stress; I do a bit of yoga,” he shared. Nene at one time used to passionately play cricket and table tennis. However, his busy schedule and responsibilities hardly leave any time for sports activities.

“Currently, I am focussing on maintaining myself,” Nene said. When he is travelling, he utilises the time to watch movies with action flicks being his favourite. A mix of Indian films and Hollywood movies works for him. “I also love to watch regional films,” Nene said, adding “I like reading real life inspirational stories and not fiction.”

Nene spends his weekends at home, if he is not travelling. “Saturday is a relaxing day for me, and Sunday is when the action starts as it is the first working day of the week in the Gulf. There are certain burning issues that require immediate attention, and sometimes there are issues which can be looked at on Monday, so Sunday is a mixed day.”

Learnings from life
Nene shared, “The best day of my life was when I became the Regional Manager of India, for Air Arabia, in a span of 5 years in the company.” His philosophy in life is very simple. If you are working for a company give your 100%. The day you feel you are not happy, look for options. “Work hard and be happy,” he said.

Fast Five
Favourite Drink: Any refreshing drink, but I avoid aerated drinks.
Favourite Car: Duster, I am driving it these days.
Favourite Restaurant: Bhosle’s in Goa, they serve awesome Goan food.
Favourite Holiday destination: There are many of them. But I have recently fallen in love with Armenia and Georgia, there are lakes, mountains, cathedrals, and unbelievable landscape. They are not visited by Indians much though.
Favourite music: Pop and country music. I keep listening to them all the time.
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Srinivas Vinjamur 2015-12-09 09:40:44
Very well represented life of a great achiever thank you travelbiz for this beutiful coverage
Sunil Kallyat 2015-12-18 19:10:32
Wonderful Sachin, keep going as there are many more milestones to achieve. Happy for your success and wish you a great 2016. Best wishes Sunil Kallyat.
Prashant Bhat 2015-12-18 20:04:40
Having know Sachin for nearly 13 years I have learned a lot of things. He has always been a good mentor a friend who has always been supportive.
Muzaffar 2015-12-19 00:55:03
Sachin is very Helpful & down to earth..His priority is work & that's why today he leading the ladders of success...In One word discribtion He is Champion.. Thanks & Regards Muzaffar Ansari General Manager Thomascook India Operations
Eric 2015-12-24 10:42:15
Sachin truly is a gem of a person as I know him personally and professionally. He has got a wealth of knowledge and passion about the air travel industry. I don't agree with the statement that he gives 100% to his company... because I know he gives 200%!!
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