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Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 10 : 30 AM [IST]

'Atmantan is positioned as an international integrated luxury wellness centre' - Athena Salim, GM, Atmantan

Tucked in the crystalline Sahyadri Mountains and overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake, Atmantan is a luxury wellness resort spread over 40 acres of lush valley. A dream project of Nikhil Kapur and Sharmilee Agarwal Kapur of Sparsh Infratech, Atmantan is true amalgamation of Atma (soul), Mana (mind), and Tann (body) that encompasses the resort’s integrated approach to wellness. In order to understand the unique service design, P Krishna Kumar spoke to Athena Salim, GM, of Atmantan.
Athena SalimQ. Pune is not recognised as a wellness destination in India or abroad. Could you throw some light on the location, Mulshi, and its appropriateness as a wellness resort destination?
Pune has got some elements of wellness and healing attached to it. It would be unfair to ignore them. Mulshi has even stronger association with wellness and healing because of Sahyadri crystalline mountains. Crystalline mountains are known for their healing frequency. In fact, in Pranic healing, it is recognised that in the entire world the highest healing frequency is generated in Mulshi. Therefore, the ownership of the property has taken a conscious decision to capture this healing potential by developing this unique resort.  

Q. How unique is Atmantan as a wellness-oriented destination?
Atmantan is positioned as an international integrated luxury wellness centre. What makes the resort unique is its ‘evidence-based retreats’ that are result-oriented and embrace international and Indian philosophies of wellness.  The entire infrastructure of the resort captures wellness touch points of international quality, laced with highest level of Indian hospitality. The resort has state-of-the-art equipments, expertise, and well trained work force to support it. The retreat-only wellness centre offers eight scientifically researched and customised all-inclusive wellness programmes.

Q. Wellness guests generally stay for a longer duration. What are the different wellness programmes that you offer to keep their interest going?
We have eight evidence-based retreats catering to very specific wellness objectives that concerns people in today’s day and age. Each of these retreats support international wellness treatments, besides traditional Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, etc. We have retreats for weight balancing; retreat for master cleanse, for detox treatments; we have spa life and Atmantan living retreat for those who look for relaxation and rejuvenation; there is holistic health retreat which helps people to get rid of their addictions; retreat for fitness challenges, etc.  

As far as stay is concerned, we have retreats where minimum stay ranges between three nights and 28 nights, depending upon the wellness goals of the guests.  

At Atmantan, we take inspiration from Great Michelangelo, who once carving a beautiful sculpture of an angel from a large stone, said that that the angel was already inside the large stone, by carving it he has just set it free. At Atmantan, we just do the same. We see a healthy person within every guest who comes to our retreat and set that healthy person free from all bad health.

Q. How do you ensure that these goals are fulfilled and guests have a wholesome wellness experience at the end of the stay?
The wellness goals at Atmantan are holistic in nature. For that we focus on four aspects. One is adequate amount of physical exercise for guests during the stay and second is our cuisine philosophy. At Atmantan, the food philosophy is of moderation and not deprivation. The third aspect is sleep. For that we have special beds at all our rooms which are certified by Kairos practitioners from the US and customised for our resort. Lastly, we have a social support system in place which ensures all our guests go back fully relaxed and healthy. Our associates are well trained to ensure that our guests do not digress from the set objectives of wellness.

Q. Wellness resorts generally imbibe a lot of elements of environment friendliness and carry spirit of responsible and sustainable tourism. How these aspects reflect in your design and operations?
Our ownership has been extremely passionate and sensitive about issues of environment sustainability. The resort has been built using fly ash. We have a water heating system powered by solar power. Nearly 40,000 ltrs of water is heated using solar power in the resort on a daily basis. The resort has an Oxygen Park with 15,000 trees planted around the place. The vegetables and fruits used are largely grown in the resort itself. Our highly advanced STP systems make sure that the waste water we used to irrigate our vegetable and fruit farm do not pollute our food chain.  The food waste at the resort is converted into manure using vermi compost system in the resort itself. All these steps are highly appreciated by our guests.
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