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Tuesday, 26 December, 2017, 11 : 05 AM [IST]
Travelport global survey puts India top of digital traveller rankings

Travelport published the results of a Global Traveler Survey of 11,000 travellers in nineteen countries that highlights the use of digital tools when planning, booking and experiencing a journey. It shows that Indian travellers are the most digitally-advanced of the 19 countries analysed, outpacing many of the world’s leading travel markets.

India is the most digitally-advanced traveller nation. Given its thriving online travel agency, hospitality and airline sectors combined with extensive smartphone use, this is not surprising. It ranks first in the league table of countries surveyed, ahead of its Asia Pacific counterparts, China and Indonesia.

Review sites – are they genuine?
This is also true when researching travel as 67% of Indian travellers use voice search. They also spend a considerable amount of time looking for a good deal, using price comparison sites to help them find it (85%). Interestingly, almost all Indian travellers use review sites to help with the research (91%), even though nearly half of them worry about whether you can trust the reviews (52%). This enthusiasm for technology resonates when it comes to researching and booking, with 71% using their smartphone.

Choosing a hotel
As you would expect, Indian travellers choose a hotel primarily for the location (82%) and cost. Yet the need to be always connected is influencing hotel choice with 75% of travellers choosing hotels that don’t charge for Wi-Fi.

The Downside?
With all this enthusiasm for travel technology, what is the downside for Indian travellers? The biggest pain point for Asia Pacific travellers are understanding the complicated terms and conditions (53%), and for Indian travellers 62%, this is followed closely by the time spent looking for a good deal (58%). This may be an opportunity for price versus value tables which make the information easier to digest.

Digital dilemma
Indian travellers are amongst the highest users of apps, averaging 19 categories of apps used during a trip, second only to China. Maps are the most frequently used, followed by banking and instant messaging. In addition, 82% appreciate the convenience of technology such as digital boarding passes and e-tickets and 66% of travellers would like concierge services on their smartphone. However, this digital desire creates anxiety about technology or batteries failing.